Automatic collection

What is automatic collection?

With a direct debit you give a company, association or foundation permission to automatically debit a certain amount from your bank account once or periodically. Ideal for organizations, because the income continues without the hassle of invoices and reminders. The debtor does not have to worry about it after he has given the authorization.

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I want that for my customers too!


You can give an authorization for a direct debit in writing or by telephone. With mandates by telephone, the organization may only approach existing customers or that the request for a direct debit must come from the account holder himself. In addition, the authorized representative must send the account holder written confirmation of the mandate within a few days. In the Netherlands, an authorization via the internet is not officially valid, but they do occur regularly. The debtor always has the right to cancel automatically collected amounts.


A reversal or reversal is the reversal of a direct debit. The account holder always has the right to do this, regardless of whether the direct debit was justified or not. You can request a reversal by telephone via the bank, but nowadays this is often also done via the bank’s website or app. If the balance in the bank account is insufficient, a reversal is automatically carried out after a few days. Of course, it is up to the organization that wanted to carry out the collection to apply strict debtor management.

SEPA direct debit

With a SEPA direct debit you as an organization can collect from bank accounts in all countries within the Eurozone. Separate procedures and guidelines apply for this. You can read all about ithere..