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Software for debtor management

With overview, you see more. Request our system today

Insight and overview, as well as time savings and faster payments, can be achieved with our accounts receivable management software. With Debitan, you can combine sales, accounts receivable management, customer service, and after-sales in one system. This provides you with maximum visibility into the key business processes surrounding your customers. And that’s important because having a helicopter view of your order-to-cash cycle makes it easy to make adjustments. And the smoother that cycle runs, the more satisfied your customer. Satisfied customers pay faster. That’s what it’s all about.

Our debtor management software always fits

In addition, we like to think outside the box. With our smart modules, Debitan always fits and saves you time for your customers. In addition to streamlining and automating your accounts receivable management, you can connect your inventory and orders, request credit information, and securely have your customers sign contracts. What do you need? Explore all our modules here.

Debt management software, what will you choose?

We have summarized our debt management software in different packages. Depending on the number of invoices you send and the number of colleagues you want to work with in the system, one package may be more suitable than another. With our software, you have all the data in one place, thanks to integrations with over 500 accounting software and information systems. This provides you with maximum insight.

Our packages


€64.95 per month

The basic package is our most popular and comprehensive package. With the basic package, 3 users can use the accounts receivable management software for an unlimited number of invoices.


Unlimited number of invoices per month


Integration with any accounting software


Receive payments via PayPal, iDeal, and Credit Card


Invoicing on your own letterhead


Starting from €99.95 per month

Most popular

When you choose the Outsourcing package, we take over your entire accounts receivable management and provide complete support. You don’t have to do anything yourself, but you still maintain full control and visibility.


Communication via mail, email, WhatsApp, and SMS


Dispute management and putting accounts on hold


SEPA direct debit


Multiple expansions possible

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About us

We are a down-to-earth company with West Frisian roots and a similar mentality. Our software is developed with the idea that good accounts receivable management makes the step towards collections unnecessary. Good communication, clear agreements, and above all, overview prevent many problems. We have been making progress with Debitan for many years!

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