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About us

We are a down-to-earth company with West Frisian roots and a similar mentality. Our software is developed with the idea that good accounts receivable management makes the step towards collections unnecessary. Good communication, clear agreements, and above all, overview prevent many problems. Over the years, we have been making strides with Debitan. Our accounts receivable management software has grown and expanded, as has our knowledge and experience. And we utilize that years of experience in accounts receivable management for you and your customers. We understand better than anyone else how crucial a helicopter view is in managing your order to cash cycle. When you have everything visible and clear, you can communicate and adjust much more effectively.


Our Dream Team for you and your customers

Our team consists mostly of developers and accounts receivable managers. Our developers work every day on our software, integrations, and modules. This allows us to make your accounts receivable management simpler and more effective. The accounts receivable managers assist you in managing your customers. They can provide insights and solutions when you encounter problems and also take on a significant portion of the work. When you outsource your accounts receivable management, your dedicated accounts receivable manager handles the communication with your customers regarding your invoices. And when it comes to customer contact, we excel. Clear agreements, assertive communication, and attentive listening are the hallmarks of our service.

As a service-oriented company, we always prioritize your needs. What do you require, and what do your customers need? We strive to translate these requirements into efficient workflows. We are not averse to a bit of customization. We aim to keep up with your pace and always think in terms of possibilities. This approach also reflects in our system. The intelligent modules allow maximum customization of Debitan to fit your company. And when your accounts receivable management is automated, and all integrations are running smoothly, you will have more time for your business and your customers.

We build around you

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Every industry deals with accounts receivable, but managing your customers varies by industry and even by person. That’s why you can create a customized workflow for each customer.

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