SaaS is the abbreviation for Software as a Service. As the name suggests, it is software that is offered online as a service, such as the software from Debitan. SaaS is also known as Cloud Software, ASP, On Demand Software or Hosted Software.


Everyone has experience with SaaS, or Cloud Software. Also private. Just think of webmail, bookmarks in your browser and the ability to share photos. In business, there were pioneers in Recruitment, Cost Management and Customer Relationship Management who shared the first applications. SaaS has now become a widely used business model that has become indispensable. More and more applications are available via the Cloud that make it much easier for us all.

Benefits of SaaS

Software as a Service offers us many advantages. Below we mention a few.

  • A big advantage of choosing a cloud solution is that it is quick and easy to use (it is ready to use). This is in contrast to complex in-house IT projects with long lead times. Software that is offered via the cloud is therefore often a better option than setting up and maintaining your own IT infrastructure.
  • Another advantage is that it is available everywhere. You are not tied to one specific device. In addition to your desktop and laptop, you can also consult the software on your tablet and mobile. In this way you are not dependent on your (work) place, but you can access the software at any time and at any desired location. All you need is access to the Internet or a private network. And we all have that now.
  • In addition, you do not have to buy, install and maintain any hardware or software. Working via SaaS is often also very safe, because all users and applications work via the same infrastructure, which is centrally maintained. Backups are often automated.
  • It’s scalable: you can adapt the requirements to the number of people using the system, the volume of data, and the functionality you need as your business grows.
  • The design of these software applications is based on the design that users already know. This not only looks familiar, but is also easy to use.
  • Since you only pay for what you need, it is a very cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. (From the bakery on the corner to the largest companies in the Netherlands.)

Debitan as a Service

Debitan is also an online software application that is offered as a service and (as mentioned above) can be used quickly and easily. You only have to register by filling in some details and you can actually get started right away. And we are happy to help you with that too! You can always contact us without obligation, because not only can you use our software as a service, we are also fully at your service.

More information about our SaaS?