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Subscription management of Debitan

Have you ever thought about smart subscription management? We can only recommend it to you. This way, you make sure that managing subscriptions becomes a piece of cake as well as efficient customer management. You automate your invoicing, its follow-up and meanwhile you have a helicopter view of your entire order-to-cash cycle. Sounds appealing? We assume it does!

This is how pleasant subscription management works

That overdue payments are a thing of the past when you outsource your subscription management to us, there’s no kidding. We think it is important that, as an entrepreneur, you can do what you love most: doing business. Of course, this includes managing customers, accounts and subscriptions. However, this can take a huge amount of time. Time better spent on other things. Especially when you know that we can take care of your complete subscription management through an advanced and smart system.

How enjoyable it is? Your customers/subscribers automatically receive their monthly or annual invoices and you receive a notification when you need (or can) take an action yourself. We ensure that invoices that have been outstanding for too long simply get paid. But, of course, you yourself will always receive notification of these outstanding invoices, so you yourself (to keep your customer relationship optimal) can also just contact your customer. We also manage all direct debits. Convenient and simple: everything under control with optimal support!

Strengthen your customer relationship with smart subscription management

Fussing over invoices and afraid of uncertain cash flow? These aspects will soon be a thing of the past once you start using smart subscription management from Debitan. No fuss, just clear and predictable. By choosing this, you know where your cash flows are at every moment of the month and when changes are made. Healthy for your business, pleasant for your customer. It is therefore no secret that more and more companies are opting for this uncomplicated solution.

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No more worries about unpaid invoices thanks to automated invoicing

Subscription management with our subscription solution is a customised CRM solution that you can integrate into Debitan. This way, you can fully automate your subscription management and administration. Invoices are sent periodically based on your settings. In your own branding and in a way that suits your organization.

On the dashboard, you can see the status at a glance. The system notifies you when it is time to take action, for example when invoices are outstanding for too long. Even when you collect payments directly from your subscribers, you can keep track of everything. This allows you to respond quickly when someone cancels the payment.


Payment reminders are also sent automatically

Do you fear that a certain customer will not pay on time? Payment reminders-and, if necessary, reminders-are also fully automated thanks to smart subscription management. Our comprehensive CRM application takes care of this by setting up automatic timelines that recur periodically. Of course, this can be completely tailored to your preferences. Moreover, the system is so smart that it can implement an appropriate workflow itself to still collect overdue invoices on time through efficient communication.

Subscription management for anyone with subscribers or members

Our subscription management solution is ideal for anyone with subscribers and/or members. These include publishers, energy companies, telecom providers, coffee suppliers, shopping services and, of course, clubs and associations. If you send invoices monthly or annually or collect membership fees, it is ideal to see at a glance if everything is going as it should.

And to receive a reminder when action is required, without having to go through the entire member list. You can even add a start and end date to the membership and when members renew their memberships, this is immediately recorded in the system. Tight subscription management means healthier cash flow for the organisation. So managing subscriptions can be much easier when you choose tight management that our specialists will be happy to tell you all about.

Manage subscriptions flexibly and easily

Managing subscriptions at your own pace? You achieve this without any problems with our subscription management solution. We are as flexible as our sophisticated CRM system, which allows you to easily manage your subscriptions on your own. You decide which subscription model best suits your organisation.

Apply customised periodic checks, measure with variable pricing structures, process (periodic) discounts and more. Whatever you have in mind, share it with us and we will implement it for you in our CRM system. Of course, the system is also so accessible that you can very easily make changes yourself within your subscription management.

Get insight into the most profitable subscriptions

Manage subscriptions optimally, by also measuring exactly which ones are the most profitable. After all, understanding the most profitable subscriptions gives you the opportunity to take your business to the next level even more efficiently. You will gain insight into customer loyalty and discover what trends prevail in payment behaviour. This way, you can easily optimise your subscription model. And of course, that can present great opportunities that can strategically bring more profit to your organisation.

Make key opportunities transparent and choose smart subscription management!

Would you rather be aware of the most important opportunities for your organisation today than tomorrow? And do you want quick insights on how to serve customers even better? Then contact our specialists today to put together a customised CRM solution that makes managing subscriptions easier than ever. It’s smart, simple and lightning fast.