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Manage subscriptions and subscribers

All your subscriptions and all your customers are easily managed in Debitan. You automate the invoicing and follow-up process, while having a helicopter view of your entire order to cash cycle. Your subscribers automatically receive their monthly or yearly invoice, and you receive an update when there are actions in your to-do list that you need to take. For example, making a follow-up call because the invoice has been outstanding for too long. And automatic direct debits? You can also manage them very easily. Everything under control!

Customization for you and your customers

Subscriptions365 is a customized CRM solution that you can integrate into Debitan. This way, you can fully automate your subscription management and administration. Invoices are sent periodically based on your settings. In your own branding and in a way that suits your organization. On the dashboard, you can see the status at a glance. The system notifies you when it’s time to take action, for example, when invoices have been outstanding for too long. Even when you collect payments directly from your subscribers, you can keep track of everything. This allows you to respond quickly when someone cancels the payment.

For everyone with subscribers or members

Subscriptions365 is the solution for everyone with subscribers and/or members. This includes publishers, energy companies, telecom providers, coffee suppliers, grocery services, and of course, clubs and associations. If you send invoices monthly or annually or collect membership fees, it is ideal to see at a glance if everything is going as it should. And to receive a reminder when action is required, without having to go through the entire member list. You can even add a start and end date to the membership, and when members renew their memberships, it is immediately recorded in the system. Effective subscription management means a healthier cash flow for the organization!

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