Online invoicing

Online invoicing is easy with the invoicing program of Debitan. With the Debitan software, your entire debtor administration is automated. Do you want to outsource your entire invoicing (including the follow-up)? That too is possible!

What is online invoicing?

Online invoicing is the use of invoicing software that bundles all invoices online. With an invoicing program it is possible to create, save and send all invoices online. This ensures clear administration, because the invoices are all stored in the same place and no longer in physical folders in the cupboard.

Advantages of online invoicing

With an online invoice program, self-employed persons and SMEs can easily invoice online. Because entrepreneurs no longer have to use paper and can do everything online, invoicing becomes much more efficient. Invoices can be sent online within seconds. By invoicing online, an entrepreneur has immediate insight into his finances. The online invoice programs offer a nice overview of all invoices, sorted per customer or per period and they keep track of which invoices have been paid and which have not. Sending a reminder or reminder is done with the push of a button. Below are a few more benefits:

  • No more cutting and pasting in Word or Excel.
  • VAT and totals are calculated automatically.
  • Better insight into your finances with a clear dashboard.
  • Send invoices directly to the customer in PDF via email.
  • Invoice not paid? Send a reminder at the touch of a button.
  • You will be automatically notified when it is time for which action based on the preset workflow.
  • You have more time for other (fun) things.
  • It saves costs because you spend less time on it.

In short: online invoicing is efficient, fast and easy.


Free online invoicing

Looking for a free billing program? At Debitan you can try our software for free. This way you can decide for yourself what the software can do for you and how easily it works.

Create an invoice online

When sending invoices, it is important that all company details are clearly and neatly stated on the invoice. This can be achieved quickly and easily by invoicing online through an invoicing program. Entrepreneurs do not have to worry about the time-consuming job of preparing an invoice and calculating the VAT. With online invoicing, you only have to enter the data of your company, such as the address and logo, once and the invoice program automatically puts it in the right place with every invoice. Entering customer data also only needs to be entered once. These are recognized and completed by the online invoice program with each new invoice for the relevant company.

Outsource invoicing

Debitan has developed an online debtor management program with an online invoicing module. This option helps freelancers and SMEs to structure and shorten the order to cash flow with less costs and more insight. After all, for a healthy accounts receivable administration it is necessary to have insight into the current state of affairs with regard to invoicing. With the invoice option of Debitan you have an overview every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

Do you want to outsource your entire invoicing, including the follow-up? That too is possible! In addition to fully automating your debtor management, our specialized debtor managers also take care of the follow-up.