Payment reminder

What is a payment reminder

When you have sold something or provided a service, you send an invoice to the customer. On this invoice you clearly state the date before which the invoice must be paid. Unfortunately, it often happens that the invoice is not paid on time. People sometimes forget to pay or there is another reason why it has not happened (accidentally). That does not mean that you are still waiting for your money. To let your customer know that you are still waiting for their money, send a payment reminder. This is a friendly message letting your customer know that he or she hasn’t paid your invoice yet. And the request to do so as soon as possible.


No time for all those memories?

When do you send a payment reminder?

Many companies take a long time to send a payment reminder. But why would you? Do your suppliers also like to wait longer for your payment? Send your payment reminder immediately after the original payment term has expired. The purchase is usually still fresh in your customer’s memory and you show that you have not forgotten your customer. You can send a payment reminder digitally or by post.

Many companies have a payment term of 14 days. You can then send a reminder on day 15.

Payment reminder or a reminder?

A payment reminder is not the same as a payment reminder. A reminder is a friendly reminder. Everyone forgets something sometimes. Send the invoice again or link a payment link to your reminder.

A reminder is less friendly in tone and has a more compelling character. In addition, you put in a reminder what the consequences are of not paying your invoice on time. You usually send a reminder when a payment reminder does not have the desired effect.

A clear payment reminder

People like clarity. They want to know where they stand and what is expected of them. A clear invoice, also known as an invoice, certainly contributes to timely payment. Of course, this also applies to the payment reminder. Include at least the following:

  • invoice number and invoice date;
  • the outstanding amount;
  • the customer and/or order number;
  • the ‘new’ payment term.

Enclose the original invoice or make it even easier for your customer by sending a payment link, such as a QR code or an iDeal link. This way you increase the chance of fast payment even more.

What payment term do you use in a payment reminder?

The payment term you indicate in the reminder depends on the payment term of the original invoice. See below:

Original Invoice Payment Reminder

  • 14 days 5 days
  • 15-30 days 7 days
  • 30+ days 10 days

Still unpaid?

Even after sending a payment reminder, it is possible that your invoice is still open. What are you doing then? The options you then have are less friendly in tone and generally more compelling in nature. . This follow-up process starts with sending a first reminder.In this you explain clearly what the consequences are of non-payment.

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