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Insight into your customers and their background is very valuable. That way you know what kind of meat you have in the tub, even before you go into sea with them. With this module you can request information in just a few clicks from, among others, the Chamber of Commerce, Graydon and the Insolvency Register, which keeps track of bankruptcies and case law. This information is directly linked to the customer information in Debitan.

Always insight into your customer

Who is your customer?

In a world in which you no longer always have face-to-face contact with your customer, extra information is sometimes quite nice. Because is the person you call, email or text the person he says he is? And how do you know that the person who puts you to work will actually pay you? Of course, much is based on trust. But it is still good to be vigilant.


With Information365 you know exactly what kind of meat you have in the tub with a few clicks. Who is authorized to sign, for example, but also where the company is located and who is liable within the company. This can be done before you start working with someone, but also if you have been working with someone for a longer period of time. You can also enable monitoring for all parts of Graydon. For example, if a shareholder or authorized signatory changes, you will know immediately. This data is automatically stored and linked to the relevant customer. You always have the right information about your customers.

Your customer’s creditworthiness

A large assignment or order is very nice, but then you want to be paid afterwards. Not infrequently, invoices are not paid or are paid too late, because there is simply no money. That is very frustrating and that is why it is nice if you know in advance what you are getting into. The links with the Insolvency Register and Graydon ensure that you know the creditworthiness of your customer. But also whether bankruptcies or other case law-related matters are (or have been) involved.


Insight into your customer’s payment behaviour makes it possible to adjust your debtor management accordingly. Or it gives you every reason not to accept the assignment or to stop your work. Insight into the risks will save you a lot of trouble afterwards!

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Is Information365 what you need?

It can be overwhelming, that range of modules. That is why we like to think along with you about what you can use. Together we put together the ideal system for debtor management and customer management.