Our payment solution

To allow your customers to pay your invoices as quickly as possible, it is important that payment is made as easy as possible. That is why we increasingly use online payment links and direct debits. With our payment solution, you link these and other payment methods to your accounts receivable management.

solution for paying

Fast and easy

With our payment solution, you link your own (or our) account with a payment service provider to your accounts receivable and accounting. Payments via iDeal, PayPal or Credit Card are processed directly in the administration. This piece of software interfaces with all PSPs, but our preferred supplier is Mollie. Thanks to the fast onboarding, you’ll be on your way in no time. Thanks to the link with your debtor administration and accounting, you are always aware of the latest payments. For your customer, you also lower the threshold to pay, because with such a convenient payment link, delaying no longer makes any sense!

Automate payments

Automation saves you a lot of time, also when it comes to collecting payments. With our payment solution, you can set up direct debit batches in Debitan. This way you can collect money from multiple customers at once. If you have subscribers or tenants, that’s ideal. The bank statements can be read automatically, so that the payments are also processed quickly. Our solutions closely follow developments in the world of payments. Thanks to PSD2, direct online payment traffic is possible between your account and that of your customer. And the latest security checks are also included in the payments. For example, an IBAN-Name check is performed as standard, so that you can be sure that you pay who you want to pay. And of course that also applies to your customer.

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