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Property managers and owners have a helicopter view of their property management with RealEstate365. You can easily coordinate contact details of residents, contracts, maintenance and invoicing via this module that you link to your debtor management. You can see at a glance which months your tenants have or have not paid (in full).

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Easy payment and invoicing

RealEstate365 makes it easier for you and your tenants. You can automatically invoice the rents daily, weekly or monthly, but also charge your administrator fee. In addition, you can easily create direct debit batches and you can have your tenants make their payment digitally via Online Accept, for example with iDeal. You can also settle advance payments against the receipts. This way you always have insight into the latest state of affairs. You can also run reports about the tenants. This way you can quickly see if problems threaten to arise somewhere, such as long-term non-payment or late payment.

Everything in view

If you provide property management for third parties, you can sort by owner of the property in the dashboard. This way you can see the status of the payments for each owner and you can better structure your work. In the overview you have insight into whether the tenants are active, inactive, starting or ending. This way you know exactly who lives where or when someone has come or left. In addition, you can link Vastgoed365 with KKVV. KKVV is an online rental platform , in which you can keep track of all matters relating to the rental of real estate. This way you can be sure that you have a maximum overview of your real estate and your tenants.

Outsource management and service

If you want to outsource the management of the tenants, you can easily outsource this to Debitan. Our specialists can monitor the system and monitor the invoicing. If the tenants have problems, as a result of which they are unable or unwilling to pay, we will look for a solution. This is how we take care of your customer care. This way you have your hands free for other things!

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