Dispute management

Many invoices are not paid because of a dispute. But what exactly is a dispute and how do you deal with it? How do you arrange your dispute management to ensure that invoices are (still) paid as quickly as possible? Read it all in this wiki.

What is a dispute?

To answer the question: ‘What is dispute management?’, we first examine the concept of dispute in more detail. A dispute is a dispute and is often presented as a reason for not paying an invoice. A dispute can, for example, concern an incorrectly delivered product, a complaint about a certain product or service or, for example, an error in the invoice. When an invoice is open for too long, the direct consequence is a higher DSO. It is therefore important to resolve a dispute as quickly as possible and to resolve it, so that you can still get the invoice paid (as soon as possible!). And then dispute management comes into play.

Dispute management

Dispute management actually comes down to solving a dispute as quickly and effectively as possible in order to get the invoice paid after all. But at least as important is making all disputes transparent. A good analysis of all disputes, both in the future and in the past, is important to arrive at the right insights. Improvements can then be made with this (for example in terms of internal processes) so that the chance of disputes is reduced.


Good dispute management is of great importance and a dispute system can help you with that. The software of Debitan also has a dispute system. Our system can help you register and analyze disputes, but also trigger certain desired actions that are the responsibility of the responsible persons within the organization.

Dispute management with Debitan

Debitan is a fully automatic debtor system with an extensive dispute and complaint handling system. This is a feature that allows a buyer to notify the sender of an electronic invoice of inaccuracies in or in the invoice. This feature also allows the shipper to reply to the buyer and resolve the dispute. Would you like to receive more information about this?Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you further.