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Accounts Receivable Management Secondment

With Debitan’s accounts receivable management secondment, you bring our expertise into your organization, coupled with our software. We organize your accounts receivable management while you have your hands free. Our specialists gladly work for you and your clients, either on-site or remotely. Our accounts receivable managers handle your receivables in Debitan; you have everything under one roof in your own company.

Secondment of accounts receivable management

Accounts receivable management secondment as a temporary department

When you need (temporary) support in getting your company’s accounts receivable management in order or don’t know how to organize professional accounts receivable management, we are here to help. With accounts receivable management secondment, one of our specialists sits in your office to professionally organize everything. In this process, you outsource your accounts receivable management to Debitan, allowing us to better understand the dynamics in the workplace and customer interactions. This enables us to establish effective procedures and maintain accounts receivable management accordingly.

Accounts receivable management secondment offers you…

  • Temporary on-site support in accounts receivable management.
  • Your accounts receivable management in the hands of specialists.
  • Advice and guidance on automating accounts receivable management.
  • Efficiently designed workflows and systems.
  • Support and advice on collections and disputes.
  • Accounts receivable analyses and reports.
  • Time savings and faster payment.


communicate with debtors

Debitan and your organization

Accounts receivable management secondment and automating your accounts receivable with Debitan help maintain a healthy cash flow and save you a lot of time. Our software seamlessly integrates with your organization’s needs. Through convenient integrations, you connect your accounts receivable management with your accounting or other systems. Our specialist takes over communication with your debtors and, together with colleagues on the floor, ensures that outstanding invoices are paid as quickly as possible by satisfied customers. This collaborative effort builds sustainable customer relationships and ensures a healthy cash flow. If you want to know more, we are happy to provide information about accounts receivable management secondment and discuss which specialist best suits your organization.

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