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If you work internationally, you probably have to switch regularly with your language skills. That is of course a challenge in itself. That is why we have developed the Languages365 module. By linking this to your debtor management, you can translate the output into the language of your customer. Customer-friendly and safer: the chance of misunderstandings is much smaller this way.

wat doet een debiteurenbeheerder

Convenience and clarity

When you send your invoices and payment reminders, you generally use pre-set templates. This saves you a lot of time. When you’re dealing with customers from abroad, or customers in the Netherlands who communicate better in another language, it’s great if you have that convenience for them too. Manually translating your payment reminder takes time and is prone to errors. The Language365 module ensures that your outgoing communication from Debitan is translated into the language of your choice. This saves you time and gives your customer a lot of clarity.

Automatic and manual translation

Via Languages365 you can automatically translate your output into German, English, French and Italian. You can set this manually, but the system can also set the language automatically, based on the language of the entered texts and/or the country code. Is your customer in a bilingual country, such as Belgium? Then the system looks at the zip code and then proposes the correct language.

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