Invoice meaning

‘Invoice’ is the English name for ‘invoice’ or ‘invoicing’. In order to be able to answer the question ‘What is an invoice’, we can also answer the question ‘What is an invoice’. An invoice is a written document with a list of the delivered goods/services and what must be paid for them. The total amount to be paid is also stated on an invoice and within what period. An invoice may only be labeled as such if certain legal requirements are met.

What should be on an invoice?

Your full company name and that of the customer. You state the legal name. The trade name is also allowed, if it is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in combination with the address and place of residence For fiscal units, it is common for the name of the part providing the service to appear on the invoice.

You must state your and your customer’s full address. The address that you must state is the address where the company is actually located. Mentioning only a PO box number is not sufficient. Your VAT number and Chamber of Commerce number must be stated on the invoice. Also the date on which the invoice was issued with sequential numbering.

There should also be a clear specification of the nature of the goods or services you have provided. Also the quantity of the goods or the scope of the services you have provided and the date the goods or services were provided, or the date of a prepayment.


The amount you charge for the goods or services you provide, excluding VAT and whether you deliver with different VAT rates. You must then state the various associated amounts separately.

Of course, the invoice must also state what the payment method is. This can be on account, by direct debit or through online payment options. It is also wise to state the payment term as well as the reference to any applicable general terms and conditions.

Invoice software

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E-invoice or e-invoicing is the abbreviation for the English ‘Electronic Invoicing’. In Dutch this is usually called e-invoice or e-invoicing. E-invoicing is the abbreviation for the English ‘Electronic Invoicing’.