What is iDIN?

IDIN is a login method created by banks to make it easier for consumers online. It stands for IDentification and Login and is the new way of identifying online with the trusted and secure method of your bank.

Why iDIN?

Imagine… You are about to log in to an online store, insurance company or government agency, but what is your username again? And what password was that? You have probably experienced that because of all your passwords you no longer see the account. And you are not alone! That is why the banks have come up with a solution for this: iDIN! With this you can log in everywhere in the same way. Saves a lot of hassle!

How does iDIN work?

With iDIN you log in to a website or webshop with the login method of your bank. The bank then confirms who you are to the organization. This way you can quickly arrange your tax affairs or create an account at, for example, a webshop (provided they offer this login method). And if you don’t want to create an account, you can also easily indicate that you only want to log in once. Participating websites and webshops do not have access to your financial data. It is also not possible to pay via this service. You can only log in and confirm your identity with it.


Benefits for consumers

As a consumer, you have the great advantage that you no longer have to deal with countless accounts and passwords that you all have to remember. In addition, you know that this way of logging in is safe. Not totally unimportant!

Benefits for companies and institutions

Companies and institutions (partly due to the increasing digital services) have an increasing need for certainty about the identity of online customers and users. With iDIN a customer can confirm his identity. For merchants, this login method saves a lot of time, manpower and paperwork. It also increases conversion.

In short: iDIN is efficient, user-friendly, good for the return on investment (ROI) and safe (also with the stricter security and privacy requirements from the legislator).

You can also offer this to your customers

At Debitan we love innovation. Especially when things go faster, easier and safer with it. That is why Debitan facilitates the iDIN login method. Do you also want to offer this login method to your customers or do you want more information about this? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!