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We are increasingly signing documents and contracts digitally. This saves a lot of time and money and is better for the environment. You no longer have to first print out documents and then scan them in again or even worse: send them by post. With Sign365 you let your relations sign documents and contracts securely.

wat doet een debiteurenbeheerder

Safe and trusted

A signature is required for documents to be legally valid. And so it often happens that you have to have things signed. SEPA direct debits and other mandates, but also contracts and order confirmations must be signed. But because we send them so easily by e-mail, you do not always know who exactly is signing the document. With Sign365 you can rest assured that only the person who has to sign sees the document and signs it. The document is then returned securely, after which you can process it. Feels safe!

Organize efficiently

When you need to have a large number of documents signed or want to have documents signed as part of a workflow, a bit of efficiency is very welcome. You can easily enter quotations, processing agreements, orders, authorizations and agreements and send them in a few seconds. You can opt for processing with document, but also in bulk. You then link a workflow to the document. When it is signed, the next action automatically starts in the customer management system or the invoicing process. This way the system is always a few steps ahead of you. That saves time!

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