What is online debtor management?

Online debtor management is the automatic follow-up of your debtors after sending the invoice. Debitan software makes online debt management easier and faster. You retain full insight and control. You determine the steps of follow-up, the content of the follow-up and the moments of follow-up for each type of debtor. Our debtor specialists advise you on this.

In addition, our debtor management software increases the ease of payment for your debtors. When sending the online invoice, a payment link is sent. With the push of a button, the debtor can make the payment. This ensures faster payment of your invoices.

When sending the online invoice, a link is also sent with which debtors can easily log in in a protected online environment. There they can find all information relating to outstanding and already paid invoices. They can also ask questions and/or post comments that can be answered quickly via the program.

Online debtor management with Debitan

Online invoicing is made easier with the software packages from Debitan. The packages can be expanded with additional modules as desired. For example, we tailor-make a debtor administration for you.

Debitan has developed 4 software packages for your online debtor management. This allows you to easily and quickly manage your debtor management and save up to 50% of your time. You can also choose to do your online debtor management yourself or outsource it to our specialists from the debtor department.