What are the advantages of outsourcing debtor management?

When you choose to outsource your credit management, you benefit from many advantages. This saves you more time and the invoices are paid faster.

Benefits of outsourcing debtor management

Whether you should outsource your debtor management is of course entirely up to you, but it is a fact that outsourcing debtor management offers benefits for you and your company! Below are a number of advantages.

1. You have more time left
Outsourcing your debtor management immediately gives you more time as an advantage. You can spend this extra time on your company’s core business and other important things, such as a positive relationship with your customers.

2. Structuring and shortening the order to cash cycle
With our software program and experts in debtor management, you get the invoices paid faster after delivering a product and/or service. This gives you more structure in your credit management and shortens your order-to-cash cycle.

3. Increasing cash flow
To ensure that you get paid as quickly as possible for a delivered product and/or service, you have to invest a lot of time and energy in your debtor management. For example, you must make clear agreements with the customer, send a reminder several times and if payment is not made, within the payment term set by you, you must take immediate action. A time consuming process! When you outsource your debtor management, you no longer have to worry about this.

4. Expanding your liquidity position
Defaulters and invoices that are not paid on time can mean that you can no longer pay your own bills. Good debtor management contributes to improving your liquidity position.

5. Reduction of depreciation costs on debtors
The Debitan software program and our debtor specialists do everything they can to ensure that invoices are paid on time. This ensures a reduction of the depreciation costs on debtors.

6. Decrease in personnel costs for the debtor department
When you outsource the debtor management, you no longer need staff to carry out your debtor management. That saves money. You can work with our online debtor management software program at a relatively low cost, which has proven itself time and again.

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