To outsource debtor management or not?

To the question ‘Whether or not to outsource debtor management?’ is not an unequivocal answer. Whether or not you should outsource your credit management depends on several factors and what you consider important. In general, small businesses can do it in-house. It is better for medium-sized companies to outsource it.

To help you on your way, you will find below a number of reasons to outsource your credit management and a number of reasons not to outsource your credit management.

Reasons to outsource your credit management

  • You want qualitative growth of your company.
  • You want your invoices to be paid on time.
  • You want to ensure that your liquidity is in order.
  • You want to spend more time on the core business of your company.
  • You want to save on costs.
  • Your focus is on the future and growth of the business. Efficiency, automation and increased customer-friendliness are important components of this.
  • You want to limit your debtor balance without this being at the expense of the customer relationship.
  • You are a service company.
  • You feel like you have to deal with every aspect of the business and are therefore indispensable. This causes stress and a high workload. Outsourcing your debtor management can relieve you to a large extent.
  • Another reason to outsource your credit management is that a stranger can usually exercise more authority.

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Reasons not to outsource your debtor management

  • You are a small company with a small debtor portfolio.
  • You don’t know whether the costs outweigh the benefits.
  • You don’t like that another party interferes with your customers’ money.
  • You mainly get a negative feeling about debtor management.

You can also contact us if you recognize yourself more in the reasons not to outsource your credit management . At Debitan you can also find online software packages that automate your debtor management, but where you still manage the debtor administration yourself.