How does online credit management work?

Online debtor management can be done in 3 ways at Debitan. We automate your debtor management so that we can take over from you quickly and efficiently, so that you can handle it quickly and efficiently yourself or we do it together. We automate this by taking over the customer and invoice data from your accounting package and then automatically sending the invoices to your customers or starting the reminder process for you. To realize this, our software can be linked to more than 400 different accounting, order and administration packages.

Method of online debtor management

As soon as the invoices are in our system, actions are created. Is payment on time? Then nothing happens and the payment details are processed. Is there no payment? We will then automatically send a reminder. We can do this by e-mail, but also by SMS or by post. Of course we can also take over the telephone actions for you.

You determine the workflow of the actions to be performed yourself. You or we are reminded to take the necessary actions. If we carry out your debtor management, we will keep in close consultation with you and monitor all processes.

It is not only possible to have your customer transfer the outstanding amount. Debitanalso facilitates online payment options such as direct debit, iDeal, Mr. cash etc.