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Debt management for childcare services

Safely reunite children with their parents while keeping your cash flow in order. Schedule a demo of Debitan.

Debt management for childcare services can sometimes feel like taking care of yet another child. However, you send invoices to parents every month, and although most parents are eligible for childcare subsidies, some may struggle to pay their invoices on time. With Debitan, you can automate and streamline debt management for childcare services. Saving yourself time and energy, and ensuring prompt payment of your invoices.

Automating debt management for childcare services

Customized workflows make debt management for childcare services much more manageable. You can set up workflows tailored to each individual client. For example, should the automatic payment reminder be sent after 14 days, or is it better to wait another week? Should you make a phone call reminder after 21 days, or would you prefer to contact the client directly first? With automated workflows, you don’t have to monitor your debt administration every day. Instead, you can rely on the system’s reminders that prompt you to make calls or take other necessary actions. This way, you can keep your focus on the children, ensuring that debt management for childcare services doesn’t detract from your enjoyment of your work.

Outsourcing debt management for childcare services to Debitan

If you and your colleagues are already busy enough and would prefer to delegate debt management (temporarily or permanently), you can outsource debt management for childcare services to our specialists. The debt management team at Debitan will monitor your outstanding invoices and know precisely when it’s time to take action, whether it’s sending an additional message or making a phone call. They handle everything on your behalf, so your clients won’t even realize that another party is involved. Thanks to smart integrations with your accounting software and bank, we can immediately identify which invoices have been paid, and you’ll stay fully informed about the status of your accounts through the dashboard.

Additional modules for debt management for childcare services

To make things easier for both you and your clients, we offer various modules to enhance your childcare debt management software. Parents can easily manage their invoices through MyDebitan, and you can have them digitally sign contracts. Additionally, you can provide them with a wide range of payment options through the Pay module. This makes debt management much more convenient. Even a child can handle it!

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