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Benefits of Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Management

Saving time, gaining control over your cash flow; these are just a few benefits of outsourcing accounts receivable management. But it goes beyond that. You’ve been handling your accounts receivable for a long time. You have the contact with your customers, you create the invoices, and you follow up when they’re not paid. Until the moment when you don’t have time for it anymore… Then the invoices, and therefore your income, just pile up. Outsourcing your accounts receivable management can provide you with peace of mind and, at the same time, ensure that your invoices are paid earlier by satisfied customers. Let our customers tell you about the benefits of outsourcing accounts receivable management.

Our customers on the benefits of outsourcing accounts receivable management

“Debitan also keeps me sharp on my accounts receivable.”

When you no longer have time for it or feel uncomfortable with it, accounts receivable management becomes a chore. You not only lose sight of the outstanding invoice, but ultimately also lose your customer. You’re not sure if they have paid. And if they haven’t, you don’t know why. And you’d rather avoid that difficult conversation. But during all that time, your customer won’t easily come back to you. One of the benefits of outsourcing accounts receivable management is that your dedicated accounts receivable specialist from Debitan will follow up on that invoice. But you can also count on being kept sharp yourself. You see and know which invoices are still outstanding, what the reasons are, and what has been agreed upon with the customer. You no longer lose sight of anything.

“More structure leads to higher quality.”

In the Debitan system, you can see at a glance which invoices are outstanding, how long they have been overdue, and whether there has been any contact with your customer. You know the agreements made regarding payments or customer service. If your customer was dissatisfied and therefore didn’t pay, we ensure that it gets resolved, in good consultation with you. In the user-friendly system, you have immediate overview and insight, which gives you much more control over your customers and your cash flow.

One of the benefits of outsourcing accounts receivable management is that it brings structure to your administration and business operations. This contributes to the quality of your product or service, resulting in satisfied customers.

“Focusing on what we’re good at.”

Accounts receivable management takes time, time that you can’t devote to your core business. Unless accounts receivable management is your core business, of course. The hours you currently spend checking the invoicing administration, sending reminders, making phone calls, and worrying about your customers can also be spent on developing your product or service and maintaining positive contact with your customers. With Debitan, it’s very easy: you create your invoices, send all the files to us, and go back to your daily tasks. If there’s an issue, we’ll contact you. Outsourcing truly means handing over the responsibility. That’s another advantage of outsourcing accounts receivable management.

“Going the extra mile for me and my customers.”

Accounts receivable management is about your customers. Often, they have a valid reason (from their perspective) for not paying. They may have forgotten the invoice or don’t have the financial means. But sometimes, they simply don’t want to pay because they’re unsatisfied with the product, service, or support. And that’s where we can make a difference. Our accounts receivable specialists lend a listening ear and work together with the customer and you to find a solution. Whether it’s a payment plan or an additional action on your part. The goal is to maintain or restore your relationship with your customer. This way, your customers pay your invoices with a good feeling and even they experience the benefits of outsourcing accounts receivable management.

Want to benefit from the advantages of outsourcing accounts receivable management?

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