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With one leg in everything

The number culture is becoming increasingly difficult for people. We want to be seen. Always and everywhere. A personal approach is therefore becoming increasingly important in almost every industry. Also in ours! We just like that.

Our debtor managers are always in a sort of split. One leg is on our business, but the other is a bit inside of all our customers and their customers. We are an integral part of the relationship between our customers and their customers and we share in joy and sorrow. That personal touch makes our work valuable.

Company…er…family expansion

I also heard this last month when I was sitting next to Belinda. Belinda was on the phone for our customer W. She was on the phone with a regular customer of W. The replacement contact person at this company is happy to tell her that her colleague (our regular contact person) gave birth. That’s wonderful news! After the telephone conversation, Belinda immediately sends a message to W. to pass this on. This way they can congratulate the new mother themselves and put them in the spotlight. Good for the relationship with their customer and a lot of fun to do of course!

Don’t call us, we’ll call you. And vice versa.

Then the phone rings. Belinda answers and has the contact person of another W. customer on the phone. He says that due to a new system, they cannot send payments until July 1. She thanks him and immediately passes this on to W. On the one hand, it is nice that customers pass this on proactively, so that we do not ring the bell after invoices that are not (yet) paid. On the other hand, we also think it’s a compliment that the contact we have with our customers’ customers is so good that they want to pass it on themselves. There is no fear of calling. It’s just a household announcement that makes it easier for everyone. And that’s exactly why we do what we do.