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With attention

Just speak to someone. It seems so common, but many debtors have serious trouble getting the people on the phone they want to talk to. And that often means that they do not pay their invoices, because they are not satisfied. Such a communication thing that you can easily overcome with good debtor management!

Nathalie manages the debtors for company T. She works on this every week, so she is familiar with the matter and the debtors. Today she speaks to Mr. W, who has reversed a direct debit. She is curious about the reason for the cancellation.

The conversation

‘Oh, how nice that I can now speak to someone live!’ says the man. “Oh, then what?” asks Natalie.

‘Well, I’ve called Company T a few times and I always get someone else on the line. They just don’t help me.’

“But what do you want then?

“Well, just grumble.”

“Fine, just grumble to me.”

It appears to be a retrospective assessment of certain costs. He pours out his whole heart to her.

“Shall we make a payment arrangement now?”

‘Yes please! Glad you listened to me. Would you tell Company T to take another example from you?’

Of course, Nathalie fed back this conversation with company T. The most important thing is that Mr. W pays, but it is also important that he remains a customer of company T. So it is important for them to know that the way of working they now use maybe a little more streamlined. It’s nice that there are people who just listen to you with attention.