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We shall go on

A great man once sang it so aptly:

“We’ll carry on,
With the wavering certainty

To carry on in a speechless time.”

As if Ramses Shaffy knew in 1975 what we would still face in 2020. But continuing is the motto of this time. No matter how difficult, frustrating and hopeless it is and seems. And luckily, many of our customers can continue as well. Sophie told me last week that many of the customers she speaks to are moderately positive. It’s all right. With some ingenuity, they can adapt a sleeve and get through the months neatly every time. Uncertainty and lockdowns make no one happy, but if our customers can continue with their company despite that and many of their customers do too, we become a bit happy.

For ourselves and for our customers

Shoulders underneath. Sometimes you don’t know where to get the power from. But it’s the only way. Get on. Be patient with our customers and with their customers. And just bend. The holidays continue as usual. Serge is on the road a lot these weeks to deliver business gifts. And he prefers to do that personally. At an appropriate distance, but with personal attention. A short chat. Let’s see how it goes. Where we can help each other. And luckily the business continues with us. Often with a little creativity here and there. Sophie says: ‘On Friday Serge called a new customer, after which the quotation was sent to them. On Sunday we received this signed back and on Monday during the day our new customer was live with the system. We were able to push through, so that our customer’s cash flow continues to flow. And so we can all… yes… continue!

Go for it!