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We are really listened to and dealt with immediately

“We used to handle our debt management internally. As a car rental company, we send out numerous invoices every month, and unfortunately, they are not always paid promptly. In the midst of our busy operations, debt management often fell behind. When we realized we needed to address this, I invited several companies to discuss potential solutions. Normally, I ask acquaintances for recommendations based on their experiences with companies while I’m conducting my research. However, I noticed that no one had particularly positive experiences with debt management systems. They were either overly complex or excessively expensive. That’s when I came across Debitan through Google. For a fixed price, I obtained a well-functioning system. And it truly works great.

Clear and no-nonsense system

What I appreciate the most is that whenever something doesn’t work or we have questions, they immediately address it. They listen to us and resolve issues, allowing us to keep moving forward. Furthermore, Debitan is a straightforward system without any unnecessary frills. It does what it’s supposed to do, and at a very competitive price.”