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Typical case of “if only I had discovered them earlier.”

Adam Kohen
Kohen Administraties

Debt management today requires flexibility. The thin line between having and retaining satisfied clients versus managing payment agreements takes time and, above all, experience. As the owner of a growing accounting and advisory firm, I want to focus on running my business and providing quality services to my clients. I don’t want to spend time chasing overdue invoices.

Managing payment agreements

In general, I notice that 1/3 of clients pay their invoices immediately, 1/3 pay late, and 1/3 are consistently late. Thanks to my collaboration with Debitan, 2/3 of my clients now pay within 5 days after the payment deadline has passed. If there are liquidity problems, I can focus on providing personal advice as an accountant, rather than managing payment agreements.

The amicable approach in contacting my clients was the deciding factor for me. Clients who are temporarily struggling financially are guided through partial payments and payment agreements, always in consultation with me as the principal. Consider it a “good cop/bad cop” relationship.

Rock-solid and accurate

The cloud-based environment may seem overwhelming, but it is accurate and rock-solid. It provides real-time insights into payment agreements, follow-ups, and finances, down to the smallest detail. The support is excellent, with quick responses and constant coordination. Even after acquiring me as a client, they continue to maintain contact. If something goes wrong, it is promptly resolved and addressed. If you work with an accounting software, they guide you through the entire onboarding process.

Debitan has already helped me take significant steps towards improving efficiency and professionalizing my business.