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The user-friendliness is an important advantage

Wim Mols
Team Leader Debtor Management Aevitae

‘We wanted to take the next step in credit management. Our accounting system did not support us sufficiently in this. We set up our processes lean and made efficiency gains everywhere. Now we ran into limitations of the system. The advantage was that we had a very clear picture of what the new debtor management system had to meet.

Future-proof and growing

We made a selection of companies that offered credit management software. We found it especially important that the system was future-proof, so that it could grow along with the growth of our portfolio, as it were. Debitan met 4 of the 5 requirements from our list. We invited a few companies for a demonstration and had several conversations. In the end it turned out that Debitan was the partner we wanted to continue with.

User-friendly and efficient

What particularly appeals to me about the system is its user-friendliness. This is very important for customer friendliness. Everyone understands it and everyone can work with it. In addition, you can easily see the status of the debtor and which messages have been sent. This way you can immediately see which messages the customer has in front of him. This makes conversations more efficient, more professional and, above all, more customer-friendly. I am also very happy with the expansion of payment options such as the iDeal link. Customers really pay faster.

Tips from Wim

My advice to companies looking for a credit management system is twofold. Match your wishes and requirements to the possibilities that the system has to offer. By not blinding yourself to your own wishes and requirements, you can maximize the benefits of the system. In addition, I advise companies to organize workshops between company and provider. In this way, processes can be mapped out properly and no ambiguities arise later in the process. The latter only slows down.