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Simple insight: Super satisfied

review van Debitan door Trunkrs

Denise van der Meer
CFO Trunkrs

‘As a small start-up we have to use our manpower efficiently. We had one colleague who was responsible for debtor management. That is actually very vulnerable, because as soon as that colleague is ill, the debtor management is stopped. And for a growing company, a healthy cash flow is very important. Many of our systems are automated and I know how miserable it is when systems don’t communicate with each other. That is why I went looking for an application that communicated with Exact, our business software. That’s how I ended up at Debitan.

From self-management to outsourcing
After a conversation with Serge and a tour of the system, I had a good feeling about Debitan. It looked nice and slick and the conversation went so well that I was like, ‘Let’s try!’ Initially, we used the system, but we continued to manage it ourselves. There was still one person responsible for this and the lack of time soon came into play again. That is why we completely outsourced the debtor management after a few months.

Everything you are looking for
The Debitan system is very transparent and user-friendly. It is set up logically and you can work with it quickly even with little technical knowledge. In fact, it has everything you are looking for and that works very nicely. In addition, management runs smoothly and we are kept well informed of progress and any issues. I’m super pleased.’