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Simple insight: Extremely satisfied.

Denise van der Meer

CFO Trunkrs

“As a small start-up, we need to be efficient with our manpower. We had one colleague responsible for accounts receivable management. Which was actually quite vulnerable because if that colleague fell ill, the debt management tasks would pile up. And for a growing business, maintaining a healthy cash flow is crucial. Many of our systems are automated, and I know how frustrating it can be when systems don’t communicate with each other. That’s why I started looking for an application that integrates with Exact, our business software. That’s how I came across Debitan.

From self-management to outsourcing
After a conversation with Serge and a system tour, I had a good feeling about Debitan. It looked sleek and polished, and the conversation went so well that I thought, ‘Let’s try it!’. Initially, we used the system while still managing the process ourselves. However, we quickly realized that having one person responsible for it led to time constraints. So after a few months, we decided to fully outsource our debt management.

Everything you’re looking for
The Debitan system is very transparent and user-friendly. It’s logically structured, and even with minimal technical knowledge, you can quickly start using it. It basically has everything you’re looking for, and that’s very convenient. Additionally, the management process runs smoothly, and we are kept well informed about progress and any potential issues. I am extremely satisfied.”