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Running for the customer

The costumer is king; many companies say it, but not all of them live up to it. Now, no matter how much we love them, customers sometimes come up with wishes that make us scratch our head three times over. But we don’t say ‘no’ easily. And we make no distinction between customers who outsource everything or customers who only use our system and take care of their own management. We just like to go the extra mile for our customers and their customers. Because that makes us feel good.

Sophie is called on Thursday by an existing customer who manages his debtors in our system. They also want to work with Debitan for a subsidiary. But, says the man on the phone, he still has to show sample correspondence to his boss this week, in order to get the final agreement. This means that the account must first be set up, so that the sample letters can be printed. Although Sophie’s to-do list is long enough, she doesn’t hesitate. She pushes things forward and starts with this account first. The customer is happy that he can quickly show his boss what he has promised him. Pack and pack. Everyone benefits from that!