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Perfect customization through unlimited adaptability

Mariëlle Kitsz
Creditmanager Eye for Cash

‘As an independent credit manager I am constantly involved in the debtor management of my customers and the entire process surrounding it. Credit management is so much more than debtor management. . It proactively manages on-time payments and prevents financial problems from non-paying or late paying customers.

Automating credit management is an example of small effort, big result. It saves a lot: time and money. As a debtor management department or as an entrepreneur, you can spend that time on other matters. A small investment yields so much in terms of money. My experience is that the outstanding debtor balance structurally decreases within about three months. In addition to automating debtor management, it is good to go through all processes and activities and to properly record the agreements about debtor management within the organization.

Quick to deploy; maximum customizable
I was looking for a credit management system for an SME company. I already knew several companies that offer a similar system, because I always propose a number of parties to my clients. Ultimately, they choose who they want to work with. By chance I came across Debitan and I got to know the company and the working method better. What I like is the principle of Plug-and-Play. The system is really very quick to deploy. This depends a bit on the source of the data. The better that source is, the faster you can go live. In addition, I was surprised by the incredible adaptability. Where I was used to hearing “No, that’s not possible”, I always hear here: “We’re going to see how we can build that in.” This fits my premise perfectly: every organization needs slightly different points in the credit management process. That way I can offer companies tailor-made solutions.’