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Keep it warm

I notice that they like warmth at Debitan.
Whether it’s nice weather, a warm radiator, hot coffee or interpersonal contact. And for all those things, we like to keep it that way. And in my search for the ultimate customer journey, I naturally stuck with warm contacts. With your debtors, but especially with you as our customer. Belinda told me about a nice case for customer A. Come on:

On Thursday, Belinda is on the phone for customer A with debtors who still have outstanding invoices. That follow-up call is actually a continuous presentation, because invoices are sent by customer A throughout the month.

And unfortunately, not all of them are paid equally quickly. In order to stay in line with customer A, Belinda has regular contact with her contact person within the company. By keeping the contact warm, both parties are always aware of the latest state of affairs.

Pick up and continue
Back to Belinda’s phone call with debtor Z.
This company is still a fairly new customer of customer A and they have had an outstanding invoice from customer A for some time. Belinda asks why this has not been paid yet, despite reminders. It now appears that the address details stated on the invoice were incorrect. As a result, the accounting department could not enter the invoice. Apparently the correct information was also not known for the contact person within the company. As a result, communication stalled. Belinda is glad she knows this, because she can do something with this! She notes the correct address details and the name and direct telephone number of the contact person. She promises to work on it. She then calls her contact person at customer A. She indicates that the address details for invoicing of debtor Z must be changed and that there is a permanent contact person for the creditor administration. Customer A enters the correct data in the system and sends a new invoice to debtor Z. This is paid the same afternoon with the iDeal payment link that is in the invoice. What a little heat can do!