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Golden Combination: Results-Oriented and Friendly

Alex van der Burgh
Chief Tech & Innovation Officer at Skin Consult

“We realized that we’re really not good at accounts receivable management. The end of 2019 was the peak, or rather the low point, in terms of the number of outstanding invoices. This was not so much because we were incapable of managing it, but more due to time and focus. We prefer working on things we enjoy, which means other tasks like debt management tend to get neglected. This is quite unfortunate because, apart from enjoying our work, we also work to earn a living. We came across Debitan through Google. After a discussion and a clear quote, we took the leap. And we have not regretted it for a moment.

I am personally very satisfied with the results we have achieved. The DSO has decreased by a factor of 10. Our worries have been alleviated. In addition, the employees at Debitan are very approachable, friendly, and easily reachable. It’s a golden combination of being results-oriented and pleasant to deal with. I was surprised to discover that outsourcing our debt management is so affordable. I always had the notion that it would be very expensive, which is why we kept postponing it. However, considering the service and results we receive, the invoice is insignificant in comparison! There is always someone available when there is an issue. It works perfectly!”