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Golden combination: result-oriented and friendly

Alex van der Burgh
Chief Tech & Innovation Officer at Skin Consult

‘We found out that we are really not good at debtor management ourselves. At the end of 2019, the high or actually low point in terms of the number of outstanding invoices. This had not so much to do with not being able to do it, but mainly with time and focus. We like to work on things that we like, so that other matters such as debtor management are simply left behind. This is of course quite a shame, because not only because we like it, we also work because we want to earn something. Via Google we ended up at Debitan After a conversation and a clear quote, we took the plunge. And we haven’t regretted it for a moment.

I am very satisfied with the results we are achieving. The DSO has fallen by a factor of 10. Our concern has been taken away. In addition, the employees at Debitan are very accessible, friendly and easily accessible. A golden combination of result-oriented and pleasant to deal with. It surprised me that outsourcing your debtor management is so affordable. I always had the idea that it would be very expensive, so we actually put this off longer. But in relation to what we get, in terms of service and result, the invoice is very small! There is always someone available if something is wrong. This works perfectly!’