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Do you feel what I feel?

The business world and feelings. They seem so far apart. After all, being businesslike means working hard and factually. However? We think very differently about that. In this, often harsh world, in which people easily gain and lose weight, feeling is very important. Empathy. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Trying to understand their feelings, desires and motivation. And it is especially for companies and in the relationship with their customers that it is a must to put empathy into practice. In the end we have to help each other. You all benefit from that.

In the months that I have been working at Debitan, I have seen how important feeling is. Also in this world, which is seen as so hard by many people. After all, many people have the feeling that we are an angry debt collection agency that calls to threaten with measures. But it doesn’t work that way at all. Firstly, we are not a collection agency, but the step before that. And secondly, threatening ourselves makes us very unhappy. So when my fellow accounts receivable managers call our client’s customer, it often almost sounds like they’re talking to a close acquaintance. They often already know the contact person at this debtor personally and they briefly inform you how the business, the children, the partner, etcetera are doing. And if it doesn’t go well, they sympathize. Understanding. Empathy.

Put yourself in the other

Even when they speak to someone they have never spoken to, they remain understanding. If people can’t pay, there’s usually a reason. Sometimes even through no fault of their own. No, that doesn’t mean they don’t have to pay more. Then they check with the debtor what is possible and make an arrangement. But they do live together. Understand that it is an unpleasant situation. Imagine being in such a situation! You still have to pay, but with empathy this all becomes a lot more pleasant. The world is hard enough already! #bekind