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Debt management for the staffing industry

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For a healthy cash flow, debt management is perhaps even more important for the staffing industry than for other industries. After all, you need to be able to pay the salaries for the employees who work on behalf of your clients. However, staffing and recruitment agencies often face long delays in receiving payment for their invoices, averaging more than 40 days. Debitan helps you streamline your debt management for the staffing industry.

Automating debt management for the staffing industry

With Debitan, you can automate your debt management for the staffing industry and take advantage of our other debt management and client management services. By automating your debt management, you save yourself a lot of time and can get your invoices paid up to 40% faster. You can easily set up fixed workflows per client for follow-up on your invoicing, ensuring that your invoices are not forgotten. When it’s time for a phone reminder, you’ll receive it proactively through the Debitan software. And if you temporarily or permanently don’t have the capacity for debt management, you can easily outsource it to our specialists.

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Outsourcing debt management for the staffing industry to Debitan

For many staffing and recruitment agencies, it’s either extremely busy or very quiet. When clients need additional staff, you want to be able to deliver quickly. There’s no time to chase unpaid invoices. That’s why you can outsource debt management for the staffing industry to Debitan. Our specialists will work on your behalf based on the workflows developed by you or in collaboration with you. They proactively contact your clients to ensure timely and agreed-upon payments. If there are any issues, such as disagreements or incidents involving the temporary employee, our debt management team provides a listening ear. Together with you, we seek solutions that satisfy both you and your clients. Thus, debt management for the staffing industry also becomes a part of customer service. Satisfied customers pay faster. Rabobank. You keep moving, and we go the extra mile for you.

Additional services for debt management in the staffing industry

Debt management for the staffing industry becomes easier with our additional modules. For example, our Information module helps you truly get to know your clients (KYC). Through our collaboration with companies like Graydon, you can know what kind of clients you’re dealing with even before sending your temporary employees to them. This allows you to align your debt management workflow accordingly. We also offer additional modules for subscriptions and e-signing. And if you face financial constraints due to pending salaries or vacation pay while your debtors have not yet paid, you can use Invoice Financing to advance your invoice through our collaboration with Rabobank.

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