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Debt management for property management

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We like to have everything under control, which is why debt management for property management is so important. You want to be able to rely on your tenants to pay their rent and other bills promptly so that you can maintain and continue to operate your properties. However, in practice, this can sometimes be a challenge. But to prevent your work from resembling that of a debt collector, Debitan helps you with debt management for property management. That way, your business stands strong.

Automating debt management for property management

In the real estate sector, you deal with recurring billing moments. After all, rent needs to be paid every month. Additionally, you have supplementary invoices for additional services or other matters. By automating debt management for property management, you save yourself a lot of time. With customized workflows, Debitan sends payment reminders and collection notices automatically when the payment deadline has passed. The system also reminds you to call your tenant personally or to pay them a visit if that suits your relationship better. Through integrations with accounting systems and banks, payments are processed automatically, and you always have a real-time overview of the status.

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Outsourcing debt management

If debt management becomes overwhelming due to a busy schedule, a shift in focus, illness, or a vacation period, you can also outsource your debt management to our specialists temporarily. Our dedicated debt management team takes over the follow-up of your invoicing and keeps an eye on whether your tenants are paying you. If not, they proactively contact them to find out the reason for non-payment and when they plan to make the payment. All agreements are recorded in the system to keep you informed. If any issues arise, our specialists provide a listening ear to your tenants and work with you to find a suitable solution.

Additional modules for debt management for property management

To make debt management for property management even easier, we offer special modules that enhance the capabilities of our software. Our Property module is specifically developed for property management. It provides you with an overview of management, contracts, outstanding invoices, and maintenance planning. You can easily generate invoices from the system, and with batch processing, you save even more time. Discover our Property module.

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