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Debt management for lawyers

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When we talk about debt management for lawyers, you often first think of the other side: when you need a lawyer to collect a long-standing debt. However, lawyers also send invoices and sometimes have to wait longer than desired for payment of those invoices. And because lawyers prefer to focus on their clients’ cases rather than their own receivables, debt management for lawyers is crucial for continuity. It saves you a lot of time and gives you more financial flexibility.

Automating debt management for lawyers

Automating debt management for lawyers has many benefits. It saves you time, improves cash flow, and provides a more accessible contact experience for your clients. After sending your invoice, a customized workflow kicks in automatically, taking care of sending payment reminders and collection notices without you having to worry about them. However, you still need to make periodic calls to your clients. Often, one call is enough, especially if they haven’t responded to the payment reminder. The Debitan software automatically sends you a reminder for such calls. During these conversations, you can also assess how your client is doing and inquire about any ongoing matters where you can provide assistance. And, of course, you can ask about their payment plans.

Debt management for (large) kitchen technology

Outsourcing debt management

If you have enough on your plate, you can choose to outsource debt management for lawyers to our specialists. Our debt management team closely monitors your invoicing follow-up and maintains regular contact with your clients to ensure prompt payment and client satisfaction. If any “issues” arise, we discuss them with you and work together to find a solution. This way, debt management for lawyers doesn’t have to result in a trip to the courtroom. After all, you’re already there enough!

Additional services for debt management for lawyers

With our modules, you can enhance the standard debt management software for lawyers with smart features. You can offer your clients a range of payment options or have them sign your contracts digitally and legally. You can also perform background checks on your clients using our Information module. By gathering information from Graydon, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Insolvency Register, you can form an initial understanding of your client and assess their credibility. If anyone is keen on protecting themselves and verifying facts, it’s a lawyer. Thus, debt management for lawyers can even become enjoyable!

Debt management for (large) kitchen technology

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We are a down-to-earth company with West Frisian roots and a similar mentality. Our software is developed with the idea that good accounts receivable management makes the step towards collections unnecessary. Good communication, clear agreements, and above all, overview prevent many problems. We have been making progress with Debitan for many years!

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