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Debt management for (large) kitchen technology

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With debt management for (large) kitchen technology, you keep businesses moving. Without purchasing, there is no sale, and without a sale, there is no purchase. If your customers do not pay your invoices or pay them late, it limits your financial capacity to make purchases or pay other expenses. And we don’t want your company to come to a standstill! So, if you take debt management for (large) kitchen technology seriously, partner with Debitan.

Automating debt management for (large) kitchen technology

Gaining more control over your cash flow, spending less time on administration, and getting invoices paid faster due to more satisfied customers—automating your debt management for (large) kitchen technology is a valuable step. With Debitan, you can set up workflows per customer type that automatically send payment reminders and collection notices when the payment deadline has passed. Additionally, you’ll receive a notification when it’s time to give your customer a call. And when you’re on the line to inquire about the payment, you can also check if they are still satisfied or if there are any additional sales opportunities. This way, debt management for (large) kitchen technology becomes an aspect of after-sales. And that is very valuable.

Debt management for (large) kitchen technology

Outsourcing your debt management

Just as your customers outsource their installation and maintenance to you, you can choose to outsource your debt management to us. During busy periods, vacations, or illness, you can temporarily give yourself extra space, but it is also possible to permanently have our specialists handle it. We take care of following up on your invoices and maintain a good relationship with your customer, while ensuring that your invoices are paid. After all, that’s what debt management for (large) kitchen technology is all about.

Additional modules for debt management for (large) kitchen technology

To make debt management for (large) kitchen technology even easier, we offer additional modules that you can add to our software. With our Information module, a collaboration with Graydon, the Insolvency Register, and the Chamber of Commerce, you can familiarize yourself with your customer in advance. You can use the Subscriptions module to allow customers with a service contract to be invoiced or collected automatically, and we also enable digital contract signing. This way, we give you all the time and space to focus on your business while ensuring the management of your cash flow together.

Debt management for (large) kitchen technology

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We are a down-to-earth company with West Frisian roots and a similar mentality. Our software is developed with the idea that good accounts receivable management makes the step towards collections unnecessary. Good communication, clear agreements, and above all, overview prevent many problems. We have been making progress with Debitan for many years!

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