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Debt management for healthcare

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Debt management for healthcare can be quite complex. As an out-of-network healthcare provider, you invoice directly to the client, whereas when you are in-network, you bill the insurance company. In both cases, you want your invoices to be paid as quickly as possible. With insurance companies, you often adhere to fixed payment terms, but with private clients, you have more control over the process. However, it’s still your clients’ responsibility to make the payments, and that’s where debt management for healthcare comes into play.

Automating debt management for healthcare

By automating debt management, you save yourself a lot of time and energy. After sending your invoice, a customized workflow is triggered. You can configure this workflow based on your preferences and your experience with the client. When you automate debt management for healthcare, your clients receive payment reminders after a specific period if they haven’t paid yet. You can also schedule reminders for follow-up calls and collection notices. Debitan’s software keeps track of when it’s time to take action, and you only need to act when you receive a reminder to make a follow-up call. The dashboard provides an overview of the current status, and your colleagues can also access it. Through conversation notes, you can keep track of agreements with your clients, promoting clear communication.

Outsourcing debt management

If the number of outstanding invoices is growing faster than the number of available hours you have, or if your workload is too heavy to handle debt management, resulting in invoices remaining unpaid for too long, you can choose to outsource your debt management (temporarily). Our debt management specialists will take over the debt management for healthcare and monitor invoice follow-up. They will manage email and phone communication and ensure clear agreements with your clients. This allows you to take a step back while maintaining full visibility through the software.

Smart modules for debt management in healthcare

You can enhance debt management for healthcare through Debitan with smart modules that make everything even easier. You can create and send invoices directly from Debitan, as well as have your contracts signed easily and legally with the Signing module. The Information module allows you to gather insights about your clients in advance, and you can offer your clients a wide range of payment options, making it extremely convenient for them to pay. This turns debt management for healthcare into a successful operation.

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