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Debt management for factoring agencies

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Debt management for factoring agencies is essentially managing the debtors of the debtors. When they transfer their invoices to you and you have paid them, you naturally want to collect that invoice as quickly as possible. With Debitan’s debt management software, you make debt management for factoring agencies much more streamlined.

Automating debt management for factoring agencies

With Debitan, you can easily automate and streamline debt management. After entering and/or sending the invoice, a workflow is immediately triggered, which you can customize yourself. This way, payment reminders or eventually collection notices are sent at regular intervals, and you receive active reminders from the system when it’s time to make follow-up calls. We know from experience that follow-up calls are very effective. This way, you immediately know where you stand, making debt management for factoring agencies much easier. In the dashboard, you can keep track of the overall status of all outstanding invoices, so you never fall behind. Your colleagues also have access to this information, ensuring consistent communication with your customer’s customer.

customised debtor management

Additional modules for debt management for factoring agencies

Debitan’s software can be easily expanded with various smart modules. You can use the Sign module to have your own customers sign the agreements for the factoring assignment. You can also set up subscription services and use the Information module to familiarize yourself with your customer and their customers. With information from Graydon, the Insolvency Register, and the Chamber of Commerce, you can set up an effective customized workflow. This way, you can ensure that a customer who you know doesn’t pay quickly doesn’t forget about you. This way, you maintain control over debt management for factoring agencies.

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