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Debitan likes to go the extra mile for me and my customers

Sjoerd Heijmans
Founder IBEO

‘Our company kept getting bigger, but as a result, debtor management became less manageable. We work entirely with direct debits, but if they are reversed, we still have to follow up. There were only a few in the beginning. So that was doable. But as we grew, debtor management got a bit of a squeeze. Nobody had time to call up outstanding invoices and it is actually nobody’s favorite activity. An acquaintance had already drawn my attention to Debitan. At that time it was not necessary to outsource our debtor management, but that had changed now.

Personal and positive
What I like about working with Debitan is the personal aspect. The workflow is largely automated, but the management is very personal. Our customers are treated by a real person in a friendly manner. This benefits the relationship with our customers. There is no disagreement and the invoices are paid neatly. And if that doesn’t work right away, arrangements are made. In any case, there is movement, without negative feelings on both sides.

An extra step
In a relatively short period of time, we have succeeded in drastically reducing our accounts receivable. That is of course very nice. In addition, I notice that the Debitan team goes very far to be of service to the customer. I regularly consult with my regular contact person and I notice that she likes to go the extra mile for me and my customers. That surprised me in a positive way.’