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Create invoices, email files and you’re done

Jeroen Veenis
Breedijk Veenis Lawyers

‘We had several reasons for outsourcing debtor management. First of all, we wanted to unburden and unburden the secretariat. One of the secretaries was in charge of debtor management, but actually had too little time for it. As a result, it often stayed put. We wanted to get the regularity back. The power of credit management lies in its regularity and repetition. In addition, the professionalism of the system was an important reason. We did the debtor management ourselves manually, whereby each reminder had to be worked out and sent separately. That costs a lot of time. Then you can hire someone extra to take on this work, but then outsourcing to Debitan is cheaper, partly because of the software they use.

I knew Serge from Hoornse. I once asked him about the how and what of Debitan. Then he came by and we were soon tacked. Debitan is super relaxed. For us it is literally: create invoices, email files and you’re done. I am therefore very satisfied. The systematic way everything is done, the feedback we receive after conversations with our customers. The information provided by the debtor managers is top notch and the system is very clear. I am really surprised by the degree of automation and how slick everything looks in combination with the price. Keeping track of your debtors yourself in this way will cost you half a day to a whole day per week. We don’t have to worry about that now.’