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Connects seamlessly to our other systems

Martijn Verschuren
Director Beautyleverancier.nl

‘Account management was pretty much the only process that still had to be automated within our company. The entire administration has been outsourced and we did not have a separate function in our debtor management team. We therefore looked for a system that completely unburdened us. We also did not want to have to worry about it and to be proactively provided with information. For this we have selected several providers and compared different systems. Debitan turned out to be the most complete solution for us.’

Surprisingly smooth thanks to the integrations

‘The system provides a lot of convenience and you can easily direct your debtor management yourself. An important advantage for us was that the system can be linked to everything. There was no additional system that works separately next to the other programs or for which we had to switch. Debitan connects seamlessly with our accounting package and our other systems and processes. It is a perfect complement to this. And that was something that surprised us: how smoothly it works, especially thanks to the integrations. The system really does what you think it’s going to do.’