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Communication failure

This is Kees Douanier. Kees is our newest colleague. We hired him to tell you more about our working method. And in particular about the steps we take to keep you and your customers happy. We aim for the best Customer Journey and Kees knows all about that. And such a beautiful journey? Of course you want to make it again!

Natalie gets a call from Diana. She is a customer of company X. She immediately hears that she is breathing high, because she is angry, irritated or, as she says herself: frustrated. But why? “Well I’ve already called company X twice and someone from the administration was supposed to call me back, but that didn’t happen and now I do get a notice of default! That’s frustrating!” Nathalie understands that this does not go down well with Diana. This can of course never be the intention. “What else would you like to be called back about?” “Well, company X also has outstanding invoices with us and I wanted to know whether it is possible for us to settle the invoices with each other. So I never got an answer to that.”

‘Yes, company X may not want that. But ‘no’ is also an answer, so it should have been passed on to you. Do you know what we do? I will submit your question to the administration of customer X. And as soon as I have an answer, I will contact you.’ “Oh nice!” says Diana, she is reassured for now. Nathalie puts the procedure on hold until she has received an answer from customer X. This way Diana does not receive another reminder or the like from us unnecessarily.