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Beyond your nose

Laura is the permanent debtor manager of company S. Because our customers have permanent debtor managers, a good relationship is created between the contact persons at the companies and the employee at Debitan. Laura is in regular contact with her contact person at company S and together they have developed a working method that suits the company and its customers.

On Monday, Laura signals that there is an invoice that has been open for so long that it is time to hand it over for collection. Before she starts working on this, she contacts her contact person at company S. Through a colleague of his, she still gets a different telephone number and e-mail address of the debtor in question. After she has called and e-mailed, the invoice is paid the same day. The proof of payment is immediately forwarded by the debtor and this case can be closed.

Pick up, grab and prevent

Laura tells me: ‘We have had positive experiences with this before. Our system always contains basic data of the debtors, but sometimes, on closer inspection, there is still other data that we can use. Such as a different telephone number or an e-mail address. By not treating any case as a routine job, we achieve more. By looking beyond our noses and keeping in constant contact with our customer, we often manage to get an invoice paid, instead of having to start a collection process. This saves time and money. Moreover, the relationship of our customer with his customer also remains good in this way. At company S, very little goes for collection. And I’m quite proud of that!’