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Be yourself

I notice that at Debitan we are not very good at acting. Yes, of course everyone on the phone has to stay tidy, even if the conversation doesn’t go so smoothly on the other end of the line. And of course we remain polite, even if we sometimes have quite an opinion about someone we speak. That’s just part of the job. But sometimes we fall out of our role. And then we blurt something out. That is humanity. We think. Our clients also love that humanity. How nice is it when you talk to a real person who also just has his things. Who just dares to be themselves.

Credits for the good work

We have to earn those credits ourselves. It’s okay to jump out of the band every now and then, but then you have to make sure you do a good job. That you are a reliable partner for your customer. That his debtor position is declining and the cash flow is flowing like never before. And yes, if that is indeed the case. Then you might as well jump out of the band.

Do we love

So when Marianne had recently achieved success for one of our clients, she emailed them a report. In the PS she added, she jokingly fished for a thank you note: ‘We really love whipped cream pie!’ And she knew that. The next day a cream cake was delivered. Sender: the satisfied customer. Who added: “Clear hints, we love that!” How nice is it when you can communicate with your satisfied customer like this! Have fun being yourself. Then you’re crazy enough. That certainly applies to us and we are proud of it.