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There is always someone working on my debtors

Victor Potuijt – Co-founder of Hopping Borders

“Four years ago, we had 10 debtors, and now we have an average of 200,000 euros outstanding. This means that we would spend a lot of time managing our debtors ourselves. We don’t have that time, and honestly, we don’t have the desire for it either. The first step was to automate the debt management. We have now fully outsourced the management to Debitan. The advantage is that there is someone available throughout the year to monitor our debtor balance and take action. The work never stops. What is a side issue for us is the core business for Debitan. And because of that, our core business can continue.”

Fast and decisive service

“We found Debitan through Google. We requested quotes from them and a few other companies and had some discussions. In the end, we had the best connection with Debitan, including when it comes to price! We are very satisfied. If there’s something, I call or message them, and my question is immediately addressed. The service is fast and good. I’m surprised by the many possibilities and expansions that are still available. There is still a lot to discover, but for now, this is exactly what we need!”