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Seamlessly integrates with our other systems.

Martijn Verschuren
Director of Beautyleverancier.nl

“Debt management was one of the few processes that still needed to be automated within our company. We have outsourced our entire administration, and we didn’t have a separate role in our team dedicated to debt management. Therefore, we were looking for a system that would provide us with complete peace of mind. We wanted to have no worries and be proactively informed. We selected multiple providers and compared different systems, and Debitan turned out to be the most comprehensive solution for us.

Surprisingly smooth thanks to integrations

“The system provides a lot of convenience, and you can easily shape your debt management process according to your needs. An important advantage for us was that the system can be integrated with everything. We didn’t have to add an extra system that works separately or switch to a different platform. Debitan seamlessly integrates with our accounting software and other systems and processes. It’s a perfect complement. And that was something that surprised us: how smoothly it works, especially thanks to the integrations. The system truly does what you expect it to do.”